Real smell of humanity …

You know, I really categorize beggars into two.Ones who use it to show their poverty and beg to get something to eat ( probably the ones who feel comfortable to beg ) and the others who really want to get their way out of that by working somewhere rather than begging to people for food or money …

I met this guy at bus stop who is barely able to stand on his feet but yet don’t like to beg .For the whole day he becomes part of cleaning staff at bus stop and sleeps there itself like this ( yes , literally by sitting on one of the chairs) .

These are the people who really need our help rather than ones begging at roads .


5 thoughts on “Real smell of humanity …

      1. My bad ! My previous comments must have made you angry ? did it ? What I meant there was “That is something worth living life (spending life by work) than spending it by begging . It’s all about self respect. Not everyone can beg (few people accept begging while some don’t.They don’t like to beg, they have their self respect. They prefer working somewhere than begging )”.
        I mean “worth” but I by mistake wrote “world” there. Excuse me .


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