What is it? Beauty !!!

a cup of comfort natures beauty

You know, sometimes I get confused..confused about how do we define beauty? Does it really has to do with how a particular thing looks ? or do we bias it with its presence in our life, pleasant feelings it brings with it etc!!! I mean look at this snap.

I get confused when I look at it..I don’t understand whats beautiful in it ?

I look at the glass and it seems so pleasant to have a tea and I love that.

I love those tiny little fingers of that lady..those are so beautiful, the mehendi on it..Woow,

suddenly I look at her scarf and wooo, it’s color, design is so elegant..

I look at the blurred background and the area/society seems so good..It reminds me of the busy life !!!

So many beauties with different definitions…

Sometimes..it does look like it’s all in the mind …It’s our own mind making us love/like something with those train of thoughts to which we call beauty !!!

Got chance to snap this at one of the breakfast spots near my office area…with permission of that lady..of course  🙂


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