Unknown Nature… : Nature’s beauty

I don’t know which flower is this but its beautiful. I didn’t try to smell it as they were completely unknown to me. 

What I was still surprised was that these flowers were so simply bound to the tree. It was just a bind of little leaves with branch. I mean have a look at first snap. Seems like that flower is simply placed on the branch.

Awesome Nature..It always keeps surprising me !!!… Read More Unknown Nature… : Nature’s beauty

Milky white flower down the road…Nature’s beauty

I was walking down the road, about 91 degree Fahrenheit temperature in summer. While I was searching for water,  this cure little fresh flower was glowing like anything.  It’s white color is so beautiful.

I always wonder how thoughtfully is this world designed. Everything has purpose.

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Floating Spider…

This is what happens when you are trying to shoot spider with Macro lens and the spider keeps on biting your camera thinking it as its food. It becomes hard to capture its net and it becomes hard to capture itself because it moves so much with its net…

I liked the snap though…The focus is so clear on spider. It took me 33 snaps to get proper photo of it…Awesome nature, hats off to its beauty..… Read More Floating Spider…